Water Treatment System
    Publish time 2017-12-04 13:27    

Water treatment equipment is applied for the production of pure water, mineral water, beverage product water and process water. The process adopted for any set of water treatment system is depending on the quality of water resources and the purpose of water utilization. Any chosen process can basically be divided into three parts: pretreatment, advanced treatment and terminal 
treatment. The pret
reatment system is generally comprised of multi-media filters, active carbon filters, softener, Fe (iron) and Mn (manganese) removal filters with functions of ultra- and micro- filtration. Advanced
treatment includes membrane processing and ionic exchange. The terminal treatment includes ozone, UV method etc.

Product’s scope:

  •  RO series
  •  Filter series
  •  Membrane and filter core
  •  Ozone sterilization system

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